What's happening in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

Competition heats up in our walk around the world

What's happening in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge


For those of you who read about our entering the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, we're now two weeks in and the competition has already begun to heat up. We split into four teams of seven for our 'walk around the world'. You can find out how we're all doing in the visualisation below (what can I say, we couldn't help turning it into an interactive visualisation. Have a play).

As you can probably tell by the number of steps our top 10 participants have taken, we can be quite competitive. The Hooi Ling Globetrotters stormed into an early lead which can only be attributed to the great leadership of Hooi Ling herself. She has motivated the troops and got every single member of her team to average more than ten thousand steps a day. The Globetrotters are the only team to manage this.

Everyone has done very well but we'd like to single out Dave Mason for his tremendous achievements so far. Dave is currently 5th in the overall performance ladder but what makes Dave's efforts so outstanding is that Dave underwent surgery less than a month ago (heart surgery no less). Congratulations Dave on your recovery and your quite unbelievable step-count. 

Can Who's Steptacular NOW? or the Maddams overtake the Hooi Long Globetrotters? Can Wtf - Walk The Fairway keep up with the pack? You can find out in next month's newsletter.