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WhereScape RED

Data warehouses and the teams that manage them are often criticised for being too slow and expensive to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the business.  The reason behind this expense and lack of speed is that developers writing code takes time and manual tasks don’t scale particularly well. 

WhereScape RED, market leading Data Warehouse Automation software from WhereScape, solves this problem by automating 80% of the build process.  It’s software that intelligently and contextually auto-generates the required code to populate your desired data model, be that Data Vault, Normalised or Dimensional. This leaves developers time to concentrate their efforts on high value tasks – understanding the business’ data requirements and applying often complex business rules to the data to enrich it into a valuable source of business information. Because code doesn’t need to be hand written the process is significantly faster and more agile than traditional methods.

WhereScape RED data warehouse automation software provides

  • Lower costs and faster data warehouse development. Hand coding doesn’t scale – software does
  • Increased agility. Make changes without having to unpick and re-build your data warehouse
  • Improved quality. The software builds using best practices which builds best practice into your data warehouse
  • Transparency across teams. A shared metadata platform allows auto documentation meaning anyone can pick up where someone else left off, even if they didn’t document it and the person who built it has since moved on

Speak to the experts 

To find out more about WhereScape RED and data warehouse automation, speak to the experts. As WhereScape’s consulting arm in New Zealand, NOW Consulting have successfully delivered hundreds of WhereScape RED projects across the country, from our first project at Fonterra (then the Dairy Board) in the late 90’s, to the majority of New Zealand’s banks and many more organisations. You can find out about some of our latest projects here.

You will also find more information about WhereScape RED, including technical documentation and support services information, on the WhereScape software website.

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